Fencing & Trellis Work
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Fencing & Trellis Work


At Berrys, we believe good fencing is an art that takes time and talent to master.

This is why all our fence builders have been through rigorous training and are able to offer solutions for all your fencing requirements.

A fence should define your boundaries and serve to create a safe haven for children and pets. They not only provide you with security and privacy, but also add value to your property and create a decorative aspect in your garden. Fences are also excellent ways of creating a sound break if your garden is close by an area with lots of traffic.

We can recommend fencing materials – if wood is the most suitable, we will discuss staining, preserving and colour options.

Aside from the obvious practicalities such as making sure a fence is secure, safe and abides with local authority regulations, we can also advise on the appearance – from contemporary to traditional looks.

Trellis Work

Trellis fencing is also a great way of transforming your garden into a beautiful outdoor living area.

Trellis panels can consist of many different materials and styles and are often enhanced with climbing plants, from Roses and Clematis to the fragrant Jasmyn.